Fabrication Industry – A Vast Source For Pattern Cutters and Stylists

In the wake of such a phenomenal boom-time for fashion production in many parts of the globe, the sector has begun to seek out a new breed of skilled and knowledgeable pattern cutter . Their crucial role is to support all the designers who might lack the requisite technical skill required to transform highly creative concept into perfect garment. They help cut down the time necessary to design and develop garments. It is quite easy for talented designers to get lost amidst the maze of details related to their concept.

As compared to designing garments as a junior designer, it is easier to crack the big deal as a senior pattern cutter. You need to be attuned to the latest trends and nuances related to the subject matter involved. This requires a fair amount of expertise. But as compared to conceptualizing the concept, this expertise can be translated directly into building the perfect garments.
Often, garment manufacturers require assistance from pattern cutters who are experts at interpreting the designs and suggesting innovative cuts which are more likely to meet the specification of the client. The concept should be communicated from the top most level of management right down to the factory floor. Only a senior pattern cutter/stylist understands the intricate details involved in every step of the designing process. So if you want to work with top designers and fabricators, it is imperative to have an understanding of each and every aspect of garment making.
Pattern cutters are usually found in two categories; those who specialize in one particular domain and those who are versatile. For example, an interior designer might need to work with patterns based on color schemes and themes. Similarly, a fashion designer would be well versed in the different fabrics and colors used in each particular season. A pattern cutter/stylist working for an apparel manufacturer should have extensive knowledge about all types of fabrics as well as patterns.
It is a proven fact that there are no replacement to experience, expertise and hard work. A good pattern cutter/stylist has a vast experience in cutting various patterns depending on the requirements. An efficient one would be able to cut any type of fabrics with great ease. He should have a complete knowledge of stitching methods, finishing techniques, cutting techniques, weaving techniques and pattern pieces that can be cut according to client specifications. All these factors need to be communicated with the client for best results and excellent customer service.
Experienced pattern cutters are creative thinkers capable of coming up with innovative ideas. They are capable of expressing their creativity using varied patterns based on fabrics and color schemes. Some designers create detailed wall papers, while others bring out complete floor plans for apartments or offices. These designers use numerous pattern pieces that are usually complex in nature and require expert hands for best results.

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