How to Gain a Certificate III in Hospitality Management

The SITERS Certificate III in Hospitality qualification is designed to provide you with the core foundation levels of skills and practical experience that you will need to success in the Hospitality industry. This qualification represents the vital role of professional managers, who apply a wide range of developed hospitality skills to customer service and leadership. It covers a broad range of management topics including: restaurant management, bar management, hotel management and general business practices. In this article we’ll look at how to prepare for the exam, what to expect from this examination and the best way to prepare for it.

The SITERS Certificate III in Hospitality qualification is delivered in two parts. In the first part you will complete a core examination set by the Society of Hospitality Executives (SHEA), and in the second part of an industry based assessment. To become a senior bar attendant in a hospital, you will need a senior bar attendant (SBA) or certified hospitality specialist (CMS) license. The exam is based on the current regulatory framework for the hospitality industry and covers key areas of professional responsibility. Both the CMA and CMS examinations are nationally recognized.
In the SITER Certificate III introduction part you will study the theory and core concepts of the Hospitality sector. You will be offered a detailed overview of the current situation and then be given a comprehensive review of the SITER Certificate III clinical and regulatory skills. An introduction to the principles of hospitality and developing effective managerial and operational skills are also included. Next, you will gain practical experience by completing a one-week placement working as a guest service agent at a local hotel or resort. A strong understanding of SITER procedures and a basic knowledge of the hospitality industry, including good customer service and personal hygiene are taken into account.
The Certificate III in Hospitality qualification includes the core modules of medical and business administration. This covers both general and specific knowledge within the professional areas of Hospitality management, Surgical and Medical assistance, Restaurant and Event Planning and Marketing, and Hospitality Scheduling and Business Development. There is also a brief description of the SITER certification process. The final exam covers the main functional areas of medical and business administration.
It is worth remembering that the Certificate III in Hospitality qualification is only awarded once. It cannot be passed for advancement to the next level. However, many hospitality careers continue on to a qualified Certificate IV in Hospitality Administration, which is recognized throughout the UK. On completion of this qualification you will have gained valuable knowledge and have the relevant experience to enable you to pursue other career opportunities in the field. As a result of gaining a Certificate III in Hospitality Administration, there will be a demand for professionals to fill these roles throughout the UK and beyond.
Many hospitality jobs involve working with the public, such as visiting dignitaries or celebrities. Visiting entertainers are also in demand and the Certificate III in Hospitality Administration qualification reflects on your ability to work effectively with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Having gained experience in a variety of locations, you will be able to step into a number of different positions and work effectively to provide the best service possible to guests. In recognition of your hard work and dedication towards achieving this qualification, employers are more likely to hire you and give you opportunities to progress to higher paid positions.

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