Meats as basic survival food

With survival food, it is important to know some of the choices that you could go for so that you add in your emergency pantry some of the best survival foods. You have to always remember that, you will require storing the items in bulk. There will be a need in buying extra non-food items to ensure that you prepare foods, should the survival situation push you past the meals which are ready to eat such as wheat grinders.
Whatever you come up with should be a balanced diet which is dense nutritionally, to store easily for a long period of time and to remain tasty. One of the foods that you should consider is meat. So why go for meat?
Meat might be the hardest item on your list for survival food as it will need to be ready to eat. You will not be in a position to store the butchered meat for a long time and cannot expect to hunt food depending on the survival situation.
It is possible to store the read to eat meats that are canned like ham, spam, and chili, and they might give you a meal that is quite satisfying. But, they will not travel well in case you will be required to leave the area.
There are people who solve the problem of meat by raising rabbits, chicken, and goats as well as installing a system that is aquaporin to give out a ready meat source in the long term use. But if you are looking for a good supply of meat, you carry some freeze-dried packages.
You will be able to get chicken that is freeze-dried which some companies have claim that it can stay for a shelf life of about 25 years. You have to rehydrate such, but that is easy to do as you will just have to toss them in another recipe.

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