What are the vital trading methods to know?

Brokerage reviews like the Naga Review could tell you the role of a brokerage in the following trading activities.

Commodity trading
You can trade online with the commodities that you buy in real life. However, you will buy them in digital form for their actual prices. As the demand for a particular commodity grows, its price will also move up in the market. Once you feel like the price is decent to make a profit out of your investments, you can sell them off on the same platform. Similar to the stock market trading, here, you will sell commodities like gold, silver, and other metals, agricultural products, and many more.
CFD trading
There would be several assets out there in the market and you need not trade with these assets directly to make money. Instead, you can trade contracts that will have some speculations over the price movements of these assets. There would be a seller and a buyer in this trade signing an agreement mentioning a particular date. They both would see the price difference for a particular asset in that duration. Then, the one who has the right speculation would get that difference amount as profits.
Stock trading
If you have interests in the operations of public companies, you can use your money to buy the shares of one and trade with it in the stock market. Due to a lot of factors, the price of the shares of the companies would move up and down.
Crypto trading
You will find some specific trading platforms that will allow you to trade with cryptocurrencies. You can either speculate on their price movements or you can trade directly with the crypto coins. Unlike other trading markets, you will get to see high deviations in the crypto markets.