All About a Fire Watch Guard Duty

While the various responsibilities of these protective guards can differ from place to place, there are some basic tasks that all Fire Watch Guards perform on their daily assignments. One of the most basic requirements of this position is to keep a daily logbook, which is usually required by the fire watch officer. This logbook contains all information about the guard’s day and gives him detailed instructions as to what he has to do and when.

Some other duties may include reporting of any suspicious fires, medical treatment and emergency calls made. Fire watches have to be licensed in every state before they can legally access sensitive information at a fire department. They also need to undergo an extensive training course, which includes fire safety and prevention techniques.
Another duty of a fire guard is to secure a certain area, which he has been told is out of bounds due to safety reasons. The person in charge of this duty will call out the name of the person who has been instructed to leave the area. If the person does not comply, then the guard will make sure that his fellow guards inform the fire station of the situation. The fire watch officer is in complete control of the entire incident and has the authority to arrest the violator of his duties.
Other guard duties include checking for equipment that might be running low on fuel, responding to alarms, calling for ambulances and fire brigade, among others. There are several supervisors for each fire station, and different levels of duties and responsibilities are assigned to guards depending on his location. Those guards, who are stationed at the fire station, are responsible for the maintenance of standards at the station, as well as for the supervision of those who work at the fire station.
A fire watch duty is definitely not for the faint of heart, as the guard has to physically move within the vicinity of burning buildings in order to put out small fires. It is also necessary to have a first aid kit, as well as extinguishers, ladders, and protective clothing. A fire guard has to be alert and aware at all times, so that he can properly respond should a fire break out inside a building.
The fire guard must pass an interview before joining his duty. During the interview, the prospective guard must discuss his training, qualifications, and experiences. Apart from the duty, the guard might be required to continue training for additional years, depending on whether he works for a private company or a state-run public institution. In any case, the guard will have to finish the tenure of his post, and then start looking for a new job.
The job of a fire watch guard is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as one has to be physically fit, alert, and have a sense of adventure. Although the guard might not get to see what happens inside the burning buildings, he will be on hand to report anything that may be suspicious or alarming. If the guard observes that something does not seem right, he must alert the fire department for further action.

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